Welcome to 'yesterday images'

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Welcome to 'yesterday images'
This site dedicated to the 'past'

Most images in the sections, are of and associated with, the City of Leicester and Leicestershire.
The images cover buildings no longer here.
Scenes from the past.
Transport, Buses and Trains since axed / demolished.
I have now included a section on 'Industrial Engines' from around the UK

Please have a look around and start by clicking on 'Gallery' in the top menu or you can just browse the images in no particular order on the 'Space Gallery'
To navigate the images - click on the image you like on the 'Home' page and 'browse' the gallery / click on menu or the image / select named gallery.
The galleries have sub galleries of related subject matter (sections).

Site uploaded date - 2014 10 28

STATISTICS to date 2014 12 28 are:

USERS Total Users 7507 average per week 65
VISITS Total Visits to date 7807 average per week 68
PAGES Total Pages viewed 19615 average per week 170

2017 I have now resumed the administration of my site after a lapse of two odd years. I checked on the Stats and the site appears to average near to the 100 mark per week.
I have a number of eMails which I have responded to, if you wrote my apologises for the delay. Hopefully back on track now.

Many thanks for your vist. I hope it has been interesting to you?

I would love your feedback to help me improve.
I hope, eventually, that this site will not only be a source of nostalgia but a source of reference too.
This is a 'work' in progress.
I anticipate 700+ images on site
2014 12 28 there are 631 images now displayed
[I have another 180+ images to upload of which I can put 130 onto the site]

2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone It is time to bring the site up to date.