A little of how my photography has developed
Thank you for entering my site.
I have entered a brief synopsis of what I purpose this site to be about on the 'Home Page'

My interest in photography started around the age of 15 when I purchased a 21/6d (£1.07p) Kodak Brownie 127 film camera. My first photographs coincided with the 1961 Lord Mayors parade through Leicester. These you will find in the 'Lost Views of Leicester' gallery.

Over the years I have developed and expanded my hobby to include 35mm and darkroom work. My images are mostly black & white which I developed and printed myself and for colour the majority was colour slide film, Kodak.

My camera's consisted of, in order:
Zenit and Zenith B.
Praktica, no meter as I used a sekonic and later a Weston Master IV, along with 135mm and 400mm lenses (Soligor).
Later, for my Fell walking trips, I acquired a Rollei B 35mm, the one with the pull-out lens, which I found to be excellant. I used Kodak colour slide film with this instrument.
Reaching middle age and looking back I always had a hankering for a Nikon camera and 2004 I bought a second hand one, FE and it is a delight in engineering but along comes digital and I entered the digital age with a Cannon G5 fantastic little camera. But....
soon hankered for a SLR and bought a cannon EOS 400D which I am still using to date. Changed the 'set' 18 - 55 lens for a Sigma 18 - 200 Zoom lens.
2012 (October) I upgraded to a Cannon 650D and along with the Sigma zoom I bought a Sigma 10 - 20 wide angle lens which outfit now suits me for 90% of occasions.

There is so much versatility with a digital camera but film still has a place and I decided to combine film and compact flash.

I bought two 60 x60 cameras. A Yashica Mat twin lens reflex and an Ikonta bellows camera. The idea was to 'look' for subjects which work well in Black & White and with the larger format gives me a more impressive negative along with resolution. Also an 35mm Olympus Trip for 'flight' photography.
I had myself organized with a scanner and retailer (for process) but what with the poor summer and the retailer closing down I need to find another processor. Found a supplier for 120 + 35mm film B/W and Slide along with a processer.
2013 Tried out the supplier and processer and very pleased. I used my Olympus Trip for shots of the Earth from a flight to and from Spain which worked out quite well, I will be putting them up on Flickr.

Which brings me to this web site.

With the scanner I use it for creating digital images from my past black & white negatives and colour slides. Digging in my past, over 50 years on and off of photography those images have now become local history.

So what I have put on my site is a selection of my own images (from B/W and Colour negs + 35mm Colour Slides) and some I have acquired, legally, along the way.

Many thanks for listening, Arthur Beyless

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