This page I have dedicated to my good friend Peter 'Pete' Griffin
Pete and I were born in the same street, 3 doors away from each other. We had fun together as children then the authorities decided to knock our houses down and we went our separate, estate, ways.
We still kept in touch and visited each other as teenagers.
We then went our working lives and family lives but still keeping in touch.

As we, that are lucky, all grow older we develop skills that might have been dormant or we thought we never had and Pete's skill is painting.

His interest in Military History, army regiments for which he has a book published spills over to military paintings.

His painting talent he has developed and become a fine artist in other subjects.

We have worked on a couple of views, my input being subject matter and does it feel right (to me) and Pete does the hard work of making it happen.
In painting the past he is meticulous in his research.

I have devoted a gallery to him and on view is some of his work.

I hope you like.

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