About the Images

The 'technical' stuff about the process of the images
Because of the age of the images, some go back to the early 1960's, they were taken on film.

The film being used mostly 35mm and I used Ilford FP4 (black & white) for my exposures around which I developed and printed, mostly, myself.
For holidays and trips I used 35mm colour slide film Kodachrome, mostly, and sent the exposed roll to Kodak for processing.
So I had an archive of negatives, prints and slides spanning 50 years.

Wishing to display my work I chose 'Flickr' so I needed to convert said exposures to digital and for this I purchased a scanner which would take 35mm, negatives and slides, 60 x 60, negatives and slides, both colour and black & white.

Next was to scan in the images which I did at the highest resolution the machine would do and then 'tidy' up the resulting file ending with the finished product capable of giving a nice 10 x 8 print.

I then got interested in 'transport' and acquired a number of slides and some negatives which I processed the same.
So along with my, negatives and slides, latest digital images and acquired images I have amassed what I think is a fair chunk of local history appertaining to Leicester

Interestingly, look beyond the Bus or Train and pictured is a snapshot of social history.

The images on display are a reduced file and watermarked.