I have and will try to stay within the bounds of copyright.

My own images are of course my copyright.

A number of other images I have purchased with the 'Copyright'.
Therefore all images on this site are copyright to me.
A number of images I have purchased with 'Full rights to reproduce' and are indicated as such.

If any one wishes to reproduce an image from the site please contact me and I will consider the request. Please explain the reason and where you wish to show the image.

If a viewer finds I am displaying an image inappropriately then please tell me and I will remove it.

My intention is not to mislead in my descriptions, of my bought images but I obtained the descriptions from a third party so I cannot accept responsibility if the description carries any inaccuracies; although within the community of nostalgia integrity is to the fore.

The descriptions for my own images are based on my record keeping and memory.
If a viewer spots a discrepancy or can add to the description please tell me, I would be great full to add the correction/addition to the image.

I have tried to keep this notice as simple as possible and I hope the above is helpful.

Arthur Beyless